10-year-old is striving to collect 5,000 pounds of aluminum

One of the neat things about aluminum is how easily scrap aluminum can be recovered. I recall one time going to one of my customers, themselves stampers, where they stamped out aluminum fry pans and soup pots. Of course, stamping out circles leaves a large amount of waste material in the “web”. They just melted it down in the next room over, re-poured it, re-rolled it, and some short time later they were able to stamp more pots out of the scrap from their own process, without the scrap ever having left their location. Here are some other recycling stories about aluminum …

‘Right now (Tayler McGillis) stands at 3,270 pounds’ that have been weighed and cashed in, his mother, Denise McGillis, said Friday.
A combined can drive and chili lunch designed to further the boy’s efforts to raise money for the housing organization will be from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today at the Toluca American Legion under sponsorship of the Toluca Coal Mine Association.
Anyone who brings in a large bag of aluminum cans or makes a $5 donation will get a chili lunch while also contributing to the Marshall County chapter of Habitat for Humanity. An international organization, Habitat for Humanity helps people of limited income acquire homes through their own ‘sweat equity’ as well as participation by community volunteers and donors.
The current drive is actually the second phase of a project started by Tayler about a year ago, as he made the transition from Cub Scout to Boy Scout. He collected 2,532 pounds last fall, then decided early this year to launch an effort to gather twice that much more by the end of this month.

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