Yahoo! News – Stelco, Steelworkers union clear hurdle over grievance procedures: “Union leaders said the grievance protocol, hammered out in last-minute hallway discussions ahead of an Ontario Superior Court hearing, will maintain their contract grievance procedures during the restructuring.

The grievance issue was one of the reasons for delays in working out the final wording of a court order to appoint a former judge as an intermediary between Stelco’s management and unionized workers.

Justice James Farley, who has been overseeing the Stelco restructuring since January, signed a formal order Wednesday that puts into effect a decision he handed down June 14.

That decision will give former Ontario judge George Adams a key role in resolving the labour disputes between Stelco and its unions while the company restructures under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act.

The order also provides for a 90-day warning before a strike or lockout.

That was one of the key requirements of General Motors, Stelco’s biggest customer, which had threatened to find other sources of steel for itself and its suppliers if it couldn’t get an assured supply from Stelco. “

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