There isn’t much of a tie-in to steel, but I was amazed at this story …

I thought the whole point of diesel fuel was, when not compressed, it burns relatively reluctantly, doesn’t give off much in the way of vapours and cannot explode. So how did this happen?

Yahoo! News – Tanker Crashes, Closes I-95 Artery Outside NYC: “The truck, carrying 9,000 gallons of diesel oil on a newly built elevated section of the highway in Bridgeport, exploded around 7:45 p.m. after it was struck by a car.

There were no serious injuries. The bridge will be closed for days and possibly weeks or months.

‘This bridge is going to have to be reconstructed,’ Bridgeport Fire Chief Mike Magglione said on local television.

‘The highway has buckled. … When our trucks arrived here, the steel beams were glowing orange and sagging two to three feet down. The southbound lane will definitely have to be reconstructed. The condition of the northbound lane is up to the inspectors.’ “

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