Here’s something one of my suppliers pointed out to me. Scan google news for “blast furnace closing” and see what comes out. Blast furnaces are being idled by a lack of coke. : Weirton Steel Accepts Buyout From ISG: “The company was further hurt in recent weeks by the ongoing global shortage of coke, the fuel used for its two blast furnaces. As its supply ran out, Weirton began closing some rolling and finishing operations, then idled one furnace. ”

NEPA News: “shipments were lower than normal because of a 15-day maintenance outage at one blast furnace in November. Chief Financial Officer Paul Mooney said the lost productivity cost the company about $14 million.

Because of a global, ongoing shortage of coke, the fuel used for blast furnaces, Wheeling-Pitt was not able to accumulate a stockpile of steel before the outage, he said.”

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