Yahoo! News – OPEC Springs Surprise Oil Output Cut: “The deal slices production limits for the group that controls half the world’s oil trade to 23.5 million barrels a day from April 1. “

Here comes higher energy prices! And energy cost is in everything else, including steel …

Yahoo! News – Dodge Ram Work Moves to Mexico-Tower Auto: “About 500 of the 650 people who work at Tower’s Milwaukee plant may lose their jobs, the company said. It expects the plant, which also makes frame assemblies for the Ford Ranger truck, will remain open. “

There goes 500 jobs …

Yahoo! News – French Ban on Religious Items Passes Test: “The government argues that a law is needed to protect France’s secular traditions and to diminish rising Islamic fundamentalism. The ban would apply to Jewish skullcaps and large Christian crosses as well as the head scarf. “

While we’re at it, there goes some more religious tolerance ….

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