Yahoo! News – Bush says he has US economy back on growth track: “Opposition Democrats say more than two million jobs have disappeared since Bush took office in January 2001. ”

The markets would appear not to agree with him … Yahoo! News – Dollar Drops More Than 1 Pct on Jobs Data: “News the U.S. economy created 112,000 new jobs in January, far fewer than the 150,000 the market expected, sent the dollar down more than 1 percent against a range of currencies ”

Who knows, maybe life on Mars is more intelligent than what we have here … Yahoo! News – Mars Rovers Probe Soil for Clues to Life, Water

Maybe there’s hope for life on earth still …

A refreshing change from the depressing recent trend in most stores to hire only the youngest, cheapest and least experienced staff … Yahoo! News – Home Depot Seeks Older Workers for Jobs: “Under the agreement, the AARP will find and train the workers and will help them apply for the jobs, said the AARP’s Jim Seith. Home Depot will try to accommodate part-time schedules and varying skill levels. “

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