5 S’s spell efficiency

This article seemed noteworthy for, amongst other things, introducing a significant issue for metal stamping job shops in a community newspaper. It reads a bit like a press release for the registrar (and that may be how it originated), but it stood out in my mind none-the-less.

Cincinnati Enquirer

The Metalworking Group, a metal-stamping plant employing 100, produces about 800 different items regularly for dozens of different manufacturing customers.

Because the plant’s work is so diverse, owner Mike Schmitt was skeptical that the so-called ‘lean’ manufacturing, a process of streamlining and standardizing work processes, would work in his job shop.

But after being introduced to the concepts popularized by Toyota through a customer, Schmitt has become a believer.

‘The idea that lean manufacturing won’t work in a job shop is just false,’ said Schmitt. ‘Seventy to eighty percent of our processes are repeatable.’

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