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Hi Guys!

This has nothing to do with stamping, well except maybe for stamping out junk.

Web servers keep track, in a general way, of who visits each site, and from where.

The “from where” statistics this month are horribly polluted (to the point of being useless) by gambling sites. I can’t believe these are legitimate visitors who came to me after gambling online. I mean, check this out:


Can anyone explain to me what’s going on here?

8 thoughts on “A question for fellow bloggers”

  1. It seems very clear to me that metal stampers world-wide are splitting time and money between two similar risks; online gambling and selling metal stampings for profit!

  2. Ah, yes, now I see the connection. Why didn’t that occur to me before? LOL.

    I’ve heard it said before that metal stamping is a craps shoot, but it never occurred to me to take it so literally.

  3. I get loads of spam comments with links to those sites, but usually the spam filter queues them for approval and I delete them.

  4. Hi Steve:
    This isn’t spam comments on my blog. This is “link spam” if you will … it shows up in my server logs that people came from throw-your-money-away.com to my site, but there’s no link to my blog on throw-your-money-away.com (just an example).

    I haven’t check every one, but I checked the first few, dozens of people came from their site to mine. I assume it’s a forgery and not real traffic, but to what point? The only person who sees my traffic logs are me. Other than fishing me into going to visit one or two of the sites, it accomplished nothing afterwards.


  5. Ah now I undertsand, Michael. I don’t get that piece of information from my weblogs, I do get the referring page, but that’s usually Google, etc.

    It is indeed bizarre!

    The web is even stranger than our industry, and that is saying a lot!

  6. It’s all automated “bot” spam, the morons just fire up the bots and away they go, we get beteen 50 – 200 a day. Pills, travel, finance, gambling, penile enhancements…

    The only plus side is the higher the profile of your blog the more you get!

    Blogs are more advanced now but there are loads of old, abandoned… blogs which are open to automated spam, which still helps to rank in the engines.



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