AK Steel Announces Price Increases For Automotive Exhaust Alloys

409 and friends are barely stainless, but work at high temperatures. Their composition is somewhat different from other stainlesses, so we’ve seen it happen before that their price heads off in another direction than the other stainlesses.

These are pretty big and bold price increases. I saw no reason given in the press release for the increase. Yes, nickle prices are up, but if I recall correctly, 409 has less nickle than the other stainlesses, a lot less.

I wonder if they can make the prices stick. The customers are mostly automotive, with a little appliance thrown in (high temperature in stove top elements).

From their web site
AK Steel said today that it will increase transaction prices for all stainless steel automotive exhaust alloys effective with shipments on September 3, 2006. The transaction prices for types 409, 439, 15 Cr-Cb�, 18 Cr-Cb� and 429 DS will increase by 30%. Transaction prices for Aluminized 409, Aluminized 439, and types 409 Ni and 410 Cb will increase by 20%. The company said that its published stainless product surcharges remain in effect.

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