All Dressed Up, and No Place to Blog

This was originally posted Tuesday, April 14, 2009 and is being reposted today with the proper blogger tools. All’s well, I suppose, that ends well.

Well, I don’t know if this blog is going to go out. It’s certainly not going to go out well. Google has decided, in their wisdom, to force my blogger account to be upgraded to a Google account. I acquiesced, since I didn’t seem to have any choice.

The net result was, I now can not access my Blog. Neither by the old account nor the new one. Thankfully, I have access to my own web server, where this blog lives, and so I can get around Bloggers road block, at least for the nonce.

I am posting this by the simple expedient of hacking the blogger-generated output using a 9 year old tool (HoTMetaL, by the way – great tool, which is why they discontinued it, I’m sure).

I had a post researched and ready to go. Alas, doing it this way is like driving on a superhighway with a golf cart. The ride is not pleasant.

I’ll wait a while longer then, if they haven’t figured out how to fix my accounts, I’ll actually post using these stone-age tools.

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