bipartisan delegation to meet with members of China’s National People’s Congress

Don Manzullo and Adam Schiff will lead a bipartisan House delegation in meetings with members of China’s National People’s Congress in Washington, D.C. this week. Officials will discuss issues ranging from currency manipulation and China’s trade commitments to North Korea and Taiwan

I suppose this is worth watching, but I don’t know if it will accomplish much. At much higher levels, everyone’s saying “we aren’t going to do anything” …

By the way, and somewhat off topic, but isn’t Adam Schiff the name of the District Attorney in the early episodes of the original Law & Order? The congressman is here. He doesn’t look anything like Stephen Hill.

The Fed is going to make an announcement today … everyone is betting on interest rate hikes … that’s probably more relevant to metal stampers than yet another meeting where the chinese deny they’re manipulating …

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