Canada industry to reject softwood deal: source

From time to time we’ve commented on the softwood lumber dispute between Canada and the US and the cement dispute between the US and Mexico, because it’s the same law (Byrd) as what’s effecting a bunch of steel issues.

Recently the relatively new Canadian government announced that they, unlike the previous government, had struck a deal and resolved the softwood lumber issue.
Canada’s lumber industry will reject a framework deal that has been worked out between the United States and Canada to resolve a long-running trade dispute because it was not consulted, a source close to the industry told Reuters on Wednesday.
‘Every industry group in the country has said no, rejects it, wasn’t consulted about it. The Canadian government was busy consulting with the U.S. industry but neglected to consult with its own industry,’ the well-placed source said.
‘They’ve announced that they have a deal, only they don’t.’

The article goes on to say that people in the Canadian softwood lumber industry feel that Canada won all the key court battles against Byrd, so why would Canada agree that 20% still goes to the lumber industries in the US who pushed this (finally ruled illegal) trade practice back into court so many times?

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