Canadian steel firm sees great benefits

This from the Chicago area
Daily Herald
Strange as it might seem, Canada’s IPSCO Inc., one of the world’s most profitable steel companies last year measured on an earnings per ton basis, has its operational headquarters in suburban Lisle.
But then IPSCO has had a history of doing the unusual since its creation in 1956 in Regina, the capital of the province of Saskatchewan, an area known for farming, not steel.
It?s been a long journey for the company and its CEO, David Sutherland, who decided to make the 1,145 mile move.
And an incredibly successful one: In an industry where 42 of the 70 companies in North America were in bankruptcy three years ago, IPSCO was perfectly positioned to capitalize on a market upturn, reporting a profit last year that increased 26 fold to $438 million.

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