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Canada lobbies Congress over Buy America

From the Hamilton Spectator (as a steel town newspaper, hardly a bystander in this arena), dated June 9th, 2009 Canada is launching a full court press in the U.S. Congress today against the Buy American provisions in the federal stimulus … Continue reading

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Tax Funded Head-Start for Low Cost Country Tool & Die Makers

Joe Brown, in his blog, wrote an excellent, fictionalized (I presume) account of what it’s like to be laid off, followed by an excellent analysis of why we’re losing tooling money offshore and how the car companies are encouraging this. … Continue reading

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Steel firms deny price fixing

The implications of such a suit, if it was to proceed, and especially if it were certified as a class-action law suit (which seems to be what the article is implying) would be vast. A steel company customer has … Continue reading

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Michigan wary of McCain trade message Jim Zawacki, chairman of a metal-stamping manufacturer in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was apologetic but firm as he doled out some “straight talk” to John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate, at a town hall meeting this week.Though Mr Zawacki has … Continue reading

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North American Breaker Co. Recalls Counterfeit Circuit Breakers Due to Fire Hazard

This isn’t a stamping story exactly, but many stamped products are also counterfeited in China, so it seems related to me. The notice comes from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission web site. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately … Continue reading

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EU threatens to impose tariffs on steel from China

Once again, no one is dealing with the problem that small and medium manufacturers have, that is, if you tarif the raw materials but not the finished goods, they get around the tarifs by supplying the finished product, a flashlight, … Continue reading

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Canadian/American currency exchange

I haven’t written about currency issues here. Mostly I write about general stamping issues. This posting is written more from a Canadian stamping perspective. The drop in value of the US $ is really starting to hurt us Canadian manufacturers. … Continue reading

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Area lawmakers testify to keep tariffs on Chinese steel; Nucor called a victim

I don’t understand why anyone thinks it makes sense to impose tarifs on the raw materials coming from China and not the finished goods made from the same raw materials coming from China. All this does is cut the entire … Continue reading

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China Currency Coalition

Every once in a while, I like to give a plug to the China Currency Coalition. They sure seem to be fighting an uphill battle (although I’m baffled as to why their point of view isn’t making itself in the … Continue reading

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