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Raw Material Pricing – Party like it’s 1999

Remember that old Prince hit?I was dreamin’ when I wrote thisForgive me if it goes astrayBut when I woke up this mornin’Coulda sworn it was judgment day As I was doing the research for this article, that tune kept going … Continue reading

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China quake seen cutting metals output, lifting zinc prices

Now here’s an aspect of the China quake scenario I’ll bet you hadn’t considered … Heightened concerns that China’s devastating earthquake will curtail the country’s massive metals output helped aluminum, zinc and other base metals extend a two-day rally Friday.[…] … Continue reading

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China’s Pain is Century Aluminum’s Gain

The main part of the article is about aluminum, how a major aluminum smelter in China had to shut down, and what that’s going to do to the aluminum market. But the larger issue, for most stampers, is in this … Continue reading

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Mercedes SLC Supercar To Feature Aluminum Construction

Aluminum cars, to reduce weight. Considering how much steel has gone up these days, there might be price as well as weight advantages in the future. MobileMag“There are several factors that go into making a fast car and having a … Continue reading

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Aluminum-Bodied, Lighter-Weight Range Rover Coming in 2012

I thought aluminum cars had been looked at and rejected some time ago. Interesting to see they’re looking at it again. The next all-new Range Rover is coming in 2012, and reportedly it will benefit from an aluminum body … Continue reading

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Kobe Steel develops world’s strongest aluminum alloy

It’s not clear that this is of any immediate relevance to metal stampers. It looks like production is still some years off. But it’s interesting to know about anyway. And odd that it would be developed by a steel company. … Continue reading

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