Yahoo! News – EPA Reaches Agreement With ISG Indiana Harbor on Clean-Air Violations: “‘As part of the agreement, ISG will protect the health of its neighbors by installing two air conveyor systems at its sinter plant, cutting dust emissions by about 7,500 pounds a year,’ said EPA Region 5 Administrator Thomas V. Skinner. Skinner said the systems will cost the company at least $111,783. This is in addition to a civil penalty of $42,839.

Hydrochloric acid is corrosive to the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Inhalation may cause coughing, hoarseness, inflammation and ulceration of the respiratory tract and chest pain. “

It doesn’t directly bear on steel or stamping, but I found this an interesting take on business in the new century … Yahoo! News – Sun Microsystems CIO H. William Howard: Driving Out Complexity: “Howard: In the current economic environment, doing more with less is top of mind. Not only am I expected to take out costs, but I’m expected to stay on the leading edge of technology at the same time. To do that, I use our products to drive out cost and complexity.

Everything now needs an ROI, ROA and TCO. In the high-growth years, there was less focus on that. Now you really have to pass some pretty tough hurdles to get the money to keep the technology refreshed. “

Ok. I’m confused. These two reports, filled one minute apart by 2 different news agencies, cast 2 different lights on (presumably) the same report. Did Daimler do well or poorly?

DaimlerChrysler Beats 2003 Profit Target: “FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Germany’s DaimlerChrysler posted a 2003 operating profit excluding one-off items of 5.1 billion euros ($6.4 billion), topping its full year target of about five billion euros.”

DaimlerChrysler reports fall in net profit for 2003 from year before: “FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Automaker DaimlerChrysler said Wednesday that net profit for 2003 fell to euro448 million (US$564 million) from euro4.7 billion the year before, with the turnaround at its troubled U.S. Chrysler division and a one-time financial adjustment weighing on the bottom line.”

Yahoo! News – Steelmakers Irked by Lack of Data on China Market: “China’s ascendancy as the world’s most-important steel market has outpaced the country’s ability to definitively track consumption or production

The stampede to China to manufacture goods and build its infrastructure has created a huge demand for steel, which in turn has boosted demand for the iron ore and coal used to make the steel. “

Yahoo! News – Fording coal trust looking at raising production after $31M profit in Q4: “The global glut of coking coal has been burned off, the Fording Canadian Coal Trust said Tuesday, disclosing that it is considering raising production after a $243-million profit last year. ”

A Global Glut of Coking Coal … where were these guys when I needed an example of alliteration in high school english class? Saving Steel: “There is little chance that the U.S. government, or any other, would allow companies to fold on the scale required to make the steel industry more efficient. […] Steel companies around the world still have the capacity to produce, each year, at least 200 million more tons of coil, plate, wire, rods and other products than customers want, with disastrous effects on prices. “