China Advises Its Steel Foundries, Other Heavy Industries to Conserve Energy, Water

Yet another example of the resource limits that China is bumping up against in its too rapid expansion …

Beware, however, of orders from the Chinese cabinet … they don’t seem to get implemented all that quickly. The sting is, as often, in the tail of the quoted section

China has advised its steel foundries and other heavy industries to conserve energy and water, an official news report said Wednesday amid soaring demands for fuel to drive the booming economy.

The Cabinet issued an order Tuesday calling for China to “build a resources-saving society,” the official Xinhua News Agency said.

Economic growth that is expected to top 9 percent this year has strained supplies of oil, coal, water and other resources. An unusually hot summer has added to demand as millions of households and businesses crank up air-conditioning.

The government said last week that power use in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities has set new records and warned that portions of the country could face blackouts.

Officials said earlier that power demand this summer could exceed China’s generating capacity by up to 5 percent.

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