Copper Heads for Biggest Weekly Gain in 6 Years on Supply Curbs

And copper just keeps on going up …

Copper rose to a record, heading for its biggest weekly gain in more than six years, amid supply disruptions and falling stockpiles. Zinc traded at an all-time high and New York gold futures advanced to a level not seen since January 1981.
Demand for industrial and precious metals is soaring as investment funds increase purchases of commodities whose returns have beaten those on stocks and bonds.
Copper, which is used in wiring and plumbing, has risen 7.8 percent this week, the biggest increase since July 1999, amid a squeeze on supplies.

It’s worth pointing out that an expensive marketplace for copper (and related alloys, like brass) makes slide forming all the more attractive. Unlike some other stamping disciplines, slide forming does not use a carrier strip, and so waste material is minimized.

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