Copper prices hit 8-month low; other metals fall as well

CNN Money
Copper hit an eight-month low on Thursday as a build-up in stocks and worries about a slowdown in demand weighed on the market.

Copper dropped decisively below $3 US as I was battling my cold this week, closing Thursday at $2.878 US.

Zinc also dropped, perhaps in sympathy, in the last few days, but nowhere near as impressively – it’s still close to record high levels.

Nickel doesn’t seem to be dropping at all.

Just so’s you know:
Zinc is used in electroplating and also in pre-galvanized steel stock. So basically, if you want your steel to not rust, one way or the other, you’ll need zinc.

If your parts’ made of brass, that’s copper and zinc.

If your parts’ made of stainless steel, a major price factor is nickel.

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