Copper Slips Slightly To Continue Recent Decline

Since copper is often used in construction, the red metal usually moves with economic news. Traders still considered the Federal Reserve’s announcement of a series of measures aimed at addressing the problems in the short-term funding markets, which could boost fuel demand. The moves were made in conjunction with many of the world’s other major central banks. The announcement came a day after the Fed announced a quarter-point reduction in its benchmark interest rate, a move that was widely criticized for not giving enough help to the markets.
With concerns over the U.S. economy, copper supplies are at a nine-month high. Data showed inventories monitored by the London Metal Exchange were at 3,675 metric tons, up 193,000 tons, its highest level since the middle of March.

For all that copper goes up slightly and down slightly, it’s still awfully expensive in terms of long term trends. Copper is back to where it was a year ago, but still more than 3 times the price it was 5 years ago (about 80 cents US).

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