Jobs lost at Lapeer Metal

The County Press
Citing unforeseen economic conditions in the automobile manufacturing industry, particularly at General Motors and Ford, Lapeer Metal Stamping recently gave 87 employees notice they will soon be out of a job

2 thoughts on “Jobs lost at Lapeer Metal”

  1. wow!!!
    I recently talked with a HR Manager about the Stamping Industry and he told me that look around the companies that were doing so much business 4 and 5 years ago are gone

    For a guy like me that’s tough i’ve spent over 10years in the stamping industry and trying to find a job is extremely difficult

  2. It’s a fact of life, the stamping industry in north america is disappearing at an alarming rate.

    Not only is it hard to find a job in the industry, speaking as an owner, it’s hard for us to find work to quote on. And when we do, there are 5 or 10 other hungry stampers fighting to quote the job at zero profit just to pay their overheads. It’s a zoo out there, and, sadly, more companies are going to disappear before things get better.

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