Judge fines owner of General Steel for deceptive ads by Paul Harvey, Rush Limbaugh

DenverPost.com: “General Steel Corp. engaged in consumer fraud and deceptive business practices by leading customers to believe they were getting deep discounts on steel buildings, a judge ruled.

Jefferson County District Judge Brooke Jackson imposed the maximum fine of $200,000 on owner Jeffrey Knight and lesser fines on other company officials. He also ordered restitution for customers of the company, which sells steel buildings used in agriculture and commerce.

The judge said that the General Steel, in some of its ads including those done by personalities Paul Harvey and Rush Limbaugh, pitched products at 50 percent off, when the buildings were being sold at full price.”

5 thoughts on “Judge fines owner of General Steel for deceptive ads by Paul Harvey, Rush Limbaugh”

  1. I believe these bad business practices are still going on. General Steel has referred a number of us to con men acting as contractors that only take your money without performing any work. They are all liars and paul harvey should be ashamed of himself for doing as for money. General Steel are destroying peoples lives all across this country.

  2. It is hard to find good people in this industry. In general, the steel industry is full of liars that will do whatever it takes to sucker you into buying their product. Buyer beware! If the price seems to good to be true it probably is! Ask for references and go see an actual building! This is a major investment — would you buy a car without even looking at it? Just on some salesmans word?

    And when you make a decision and decide to go with a particular building, make sure that the language on the contract is clear! If there are only generalizations or generic items —this is a RED FLAG!!

    Again this is a major investment and it is your responsibility to make sure that you are not being taken advantage of!! Don’t be blind-sided by price alone! That will end up costing you more in the long run.
    Good luck!

  3. I believe that General Steel is still conning the public–including me. I put down a deposit of almost $16,000. I thought they were manufacturers. I was told that they were going to give me a special deal because I live in Colorado. They were going to deal with me directly, instead of going through one of their ‘dealers’, saving me lots of money. They also claim to have the best prices, but I found out later that I could have gotten the same thing for less than half the price from every other company I got quotes from. I am now in arbitration with them because I wouldn’t give them anymore money for the extras–gutters, windows, etc. These were going to cost me over $40,000 alone! I threatened to sue them, so they are now sueing me for lost profits. I think their con game is to keep as many deposits as possible without ever delivering a building. I would like to know the percentage of contracts that they actually fulfill. They’re going to have to lie on the stand to try to win this case. I’m not giving in. I’m counter sueing for my deposit, and legal fees, and I believe the truth will prevail. How can anyone defend this kind of deception?

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