Just one survivor at Virginia mine

I was up in the middle of the night watching this story unfold. What a heartbreaking reversal. …

Of course, coal is of interest to stampingoutaliving.com because it’s used to make steel.

Only one man survived after an explosion in a West Virginia coal mine, a mine official said on Wednesday, transforming joy into grief and anger just hours after a mistaken report emerged that 12 of 13 missing miners were still alive 40 hours after the blast.
Ben Hatfield, president of mine owner International Coal Group Inc., blamed the earlier report on ‘miscommunication’ and said that the company had then waited until it could determine which of the miners were dead or alive to tell the families their fate.
Anne Meredith, whose father died in the incident, said, ‘I feel that we were lied to all along,’ adding that she planned to sue ICG.
Virginia Dean, whose uncle was in the Sago mine in central West Virginia, reacted by saying: ‘Only one lived. They lied.’

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