Lower AK Work Force May Help End Lockout

If I understand this article correctly, retirement could bring the number of union workers down to levels acceptable to management … and the lockout could be solved that way.

The rush to retire on Sunday was to get in under the wire, because rules about benefits are changing.

The number of workers at AK Steel’s Middletown Works is shrinking as more union employees retire, and that could be a key to settling the seven-month-old lockout as the steel maker pushes for a smaller work force.
More than 100 union members resigned while their colleagues were voting Monday to reject what the company labeled as its final contract offer, union spokesman Jim Tyler said Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Lower AK Work Force May Help End Lockout”

  1. Hi Ironman:

    Can you be more explicit, please? Who should have offered whom a buyout? I thought that AK offered the workers a retirement package, that is, a buyout, and I thought many people took the package. Or did I misunderstand your intent?


  2. AK Steel’s version of a “buyout” was to allow retirement eligible worker to retire under the old retirement plan. They would rather starve out the membership to get the workforce numbers down over a sven month period than offer them a “buyout”.

    It is not anywhere to be found in print, but AK Steel had gone around to area businesses asking them NOT to hire locked out union members. This has resulted in most members unable to find work elsewhere, and unemployment has now run out.

    Michael, to answer your question – There was no buyout offered.

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