Manzullo Hails U.S. Trade Rep’s Decision to Challenge European Subsidies to Airbus

House of Representatives > Small Business Committee: “Manzullo said Airbus holds an unfair trade advantage over American competitor Boeing because of the tremendous subsidies Europe provides to Airbus. Those subsidies include launch aid to develop new aircraft (government loans are repaid only if a program succeeds), debt forgiveness, equity infusion, infrastructure improvements dedicated specifically to Airbus, and Research and Development support. Launch aid alone has amounted to a $15 billion subsidy to Airbus.

Boeing employs more than 150,000 Americans and provides work to more than 26,000 suppliers, many of whom are small businesses, in all 50 states. In Manzullo’s northern Illinois congressional district alone, Boeing provides more than $156 million in contracts annually to dozens of suppliers.

“For years, Airbus has reaped a tremendous competitive advantage over Boeing because of Europe’s continual efforts to give its aircraft maker an edge. This is not fair trade,” Manzullo said. “I praise the Bush Administration and our Trade Representative, Robert Zoellick, for challenging these unfair subsidies and giving Boeing and its employees and suppliers hope that they will soon be on a level playing field with Airbus.” “

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