Manzullo: Visa Reforms Needed to Boost U.S. Exports, Create Jobs

Press release from House of Representatives Small Business Committee

Manzullo […] said the federal government’s beefed-up visa policy is thwarting legitimate business deals with foreign buyers. According to one private sector study, U.S. businesses lost nearly $31 billion in sales between 2002 and 2004 because foreign business executives, especially those from China, could not get into the United States to purchase American goods and services and to attend U.S. trade shows.

“I applaud our government for its actions to protect our citizens since 9/11, but we must also maintain our economic security through a healthy business climate,� Manzullo said. “Right now, foreign customers can’t get into our country to buy our goods and services. Multinationals are setting up shop overseas to avoid our arbitrary visa process. We are losing vast business opportunities. Our technological edge is threatened. We need balance.�

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