Material Prices

It’s been a while since I reported on material pricing.

At the end of May, there were reports of a fall in copper prices.

Well, yes and no.

Copper hit a high of about $3.75 US at the beginning of May, fell to a low of $3.20 in early June, but is as I write is back up to almost $3.60.

Other materials: zinc got up to $1.85 in the early days of May but is down to $1.55 at the moment.

Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper, so the price of brass will be a blend of the copper and zinc prices.

Nickel (the major component at the moment for stainless steel surcharges) has dropped from $24 in early May to a little over $15 now. However, I haven’t seen the prices change much yet, probably because the service centers still have stock at the old prices. Hopefully that will change soon.

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