NAM – Remarks of John Engler at the Economic Club of Pittsburgh


Channellock is by no means alone in being hurt by Chinese competitors and policies that unlawfully undermine our manufacturing sector. Counterfeiting, hidden government subsidies, theft of intellectual property and currency manipulation – these are all simply unacceptable practices.

NAM is applying continuous pressure on Congress and the Administration, including our trade negotiators, to address these violations in a serious fashion. You will hear a lot from us on these topics again in April, when China’s President Hu visits Washington, D.C.

However, as much as we debate China policy, China isn’t responsible for our lack of a comprehensive energy policy. China can’t be blamed for our out-of-control legal system that forces the U.S. today spend more on litigation than innovation. The Chinese do not run our health-care system. It’s Congress who can address these issues, the issues I’ve talked about today.

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