Nathanael V. Davis – Former Alcan President, CEO, And Chairman – Dies At 90

Alcan Inc.

Montreal, Canada Alcan Inc. regretfully announced today that Nathanael Vining Davis, who served the Company for more than 39 years, has died. Mr. Davis was Alcan President and Chief Executive Officer from 1947-1979 and Chairman of the Board from 1972-1986. He was 90 years old.

‘Nathanael V. Davis lived and loved Alcan his entire life. His outstanding leadership and deep commitment to values – values which he expressed with poise and humility – have forever embedded his humanity into Alcan,’ said Travis Engen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Alcan Inc. ‘Today, we have not only lost a leader, but a true friend. He will be sorely missed,’ he said.

In 1947, the then 32-year-old Mr. Davis succeeded his father, Edward K. Davis, as one of the youngest chief executives to run a company the size of Alcan. For 32 years, Mr. Davis shouldered the responsibility for an organization that has grown into a world aluminum leader. Mr. Davis spearheaded the Company’s international expansion, and it was under his leadership that Alcan experienced its most rapid period of growth.

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