New Double Tapping Facility available at Hamond Industries

This is kind of an “ad from our sponsor” thing, but I’m quite proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish in this area, so I decided to blow our own horn!

Hamond has in the last year acquired the facilities to double tap parts. That is, a part needing two identical threaded or tapped holes can be automatically tapped as easily as parts needing only one threaded hole. The incremental cost is low – the incremental cost of the second hole is generally less than half the incremental cost of the first one, which is itself quite low.

In addition, responding to customer requirements, Hamond has developed 2 additional abilities:
1. to tap after forming
2. to tap through 2 material layers

The ability to tap after forming allows us to tap very close to a material fold or other stretch feature without endangering the thread quality or circularity. This capability, which is only available for certain shapes and by pre-arrangement at design time, allows us to eject the part from the main forming area of the machine while retaining accurate part registration. This allows us to tap the part after forming but still on the machine, still synchronous, still in accurate registration, and therefore allows us to make the same high quality tapped hole as when we tap the strip before forming.

The ability to tap through 2 material layers allows us to make one thread that is continuous through two material layers. This allows the part designer the freedom to double material in some areas for extra strength, and still have a tapped hole feature in that area.”

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