No reason to leave GM

This is really an amazing story. You have to read the whole thing, but I can’t excerpt the whole thing here (or it wouldn’t be an excerpt). She was one of the first women to work at GM, one of the first black women, hired under equal opportunity laws. Her first job at GM was as a welder.

Detroit Free Press
On her 83rd birthday, Lillian Winkel celebrated the same way she spends every day — going to work at a General Motors Corp. metal stamping plant in Indianapolis.
The great-great grandmother, who is the second-oldest woman working at GM, made $74,000 last year cleaning floors and emptying wastebaskets.
‘I always work on my birthday,’ said Winkel, who turned 83 on March 2. ‘I don’t know anybody else who’s going to give me three hundred and some-odd dollars for my birthday. Thank God for General Motors.’

“A lot of men objected to us women coming in. They gave us the hardest jobs.”

“They say, you’re coming in here taking a man’s job. I said, let me tell you, we’re not taking your job. We came in, and we did it better than you did.”

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