Pacific Container Port Congestion Intensifies

Terminals, infrastructures strain under labor problems, equipment shortages, and a staggering surge of box cargo

CalTrade Report: “One-by one, like a line of dominoes stretching from Long Beach to Vancouver to Port Kelang to Chittagong, major ports circling the Pacific Rim are struggling under a surge in container cargo and a combination of other disparate issues that have melded into a sludge clogging the most critical artery in the global logistics network – the transpacific ocean routes linking Asia and North America.

In Chittagong – the largest port in Bangladesh and the center of the Southeast Asian’s country’s export-dependent economy – labor problems, exacerbated by a severe shortage of rail cars, have cut the port’s daily container throughput in half.

Malaysia’s largest harbor, Port Kelang has been struggling with a devils-brew of infrastructure problems that could be compounded if a threatened work slowdown develops over the next week.”

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