Port of New Orleans Resumes Operations

VOA News
The Port of New Orleans, shut down for more than two weeks because of Hurricane Katrina, is slowly resuming operations. The first commercial cargo ship arrived Tuesday evening and officials hope to return the port to its normal schedule within six months.
This is the fifth largest port in the United States. Closed since August 27, the facility is now partially open for business.

The port is open earlier than expected. They say damage isn’t as severe as first thought.

This from Canada.com
there were clear signs of progress on many fronts: the New Orleans airport reopened to commercial flights, the port resumed operations and the mayor said dry sections of the ravaged city – including the French Quarter and the central business district – could be reopened during the daytime as early as Monday, provided the Environmental Protection Agency finds the air is safe.
“We’re out of nuclear-crisis mode and into normal, day-to-day crisis mode,” Nagin said.
Entergy-New Orleans said it had restored power to 75 per cent of the 1.1 million customers that were out at the height of the storm.

Here come the steel increases:
Wheeling-Pittsburgh puts surcharge on steel goods reflects “significant increases” in costs of scrap, natural gas and transportation plus the effects of Hurricane Katrina on raw material supplies.

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