Sago mine survivor sues over blast

If you’re like me, you’ll remember the Sago mine disaster. I was up in the middle of the night watching CNN and unable to sleep.

Of course, it was a coal mine, which is why it’s of interest to stampers.

I’ve often lambasted China and their human rights and workplace safety record, in general, and in steelmaking and coal mining in particular. It’s important to note that people die here too, and that we take it seriously when it happens.

(by way of contrast, China’s coal industry claims the lives of about 6,000 miners a year – statistic from March 2006 BBC article. This source claims more than 2,700 miners in the first half of 2005)
The lone survivor of the Sago Mine disaster and the families of two victims filed lawsuits Wednesday against the mine owner and five other companies.
All three lawsuits accuse International Coal Group and a subsidiary of negligence in the operation of the mine. The suits allege that unsafe working conditions led to the January 2 explosion.
Twelve men died in the blast and prolonged entrapment at the coal mine near Buckhannon, while survivor Randal McCloy Jr. was severely injured.
The lawsuits were filed in Kanawha County Circuit Court by McCloy and his wife Anna; Judy Bennett, widow of miner Alva Bennett; and Lily Bennett, widow of miner James Bennett.

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