Some manufacturers find California cheaper than China

From the San Francisco Business Times:

Four Northern California companies in the past five months have reshored products from China to Wright Engineered Plastics, said President and CEO Barbara Roberts. Their reasons range from costs to vicinity to market and from quality to finance.

Chinese manufacturers, for example, won’t ship until a product is completely paid for, Roberts said, and then transportation could add another 30 days or more.

“That’s a double-whammy,” she said.

This is something I commented on already a few years back. As some jobs go to China, others come back. And I think this “onshoring” trend, if anything, is increasing recently, as health and safety concerns raise their heads.

2 thoughts on “Some manufacturers find California cheaper than China”

  1. Manufacturing in Californaia is cheaper than in China? It depend on what tyoe if product you are doing, if it is a labour intensive product, in China will be far better in term of costing. My personal opinion only.

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