Steel Beams Fall On Florida Man Waiting At Bus Stop

I know 99%+ of all loads are chained and tarped properly, but I gotta tell you, I still stay far away from these rigs on the highway, especially on incorrectly banked curves…. – News

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — A South Florida man remains hospitalized after steel beams from a passing tractor-trailer fell on him while he was waiting for a bus in Fort Lauderdale.

Officials said it appeared the steel beams shifted and fell off the bed of the tractor-trailer, hitting the bench where Jose Conte-Gomez and Mario Francini sat waiting for the bus.

Some pictures here. According to the article, the yellow straps you can see were placed there by the rescue people. I can’t see in any of the pictures where the original hold-downs went. But the pictures aren’t of great quality, so maybe that’s why. Or maybe they were flung clear when they broke.

Scarey images, though.

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