Steel company CEO questions American workers’ loyalty, lockout continues

The Orange Leader

The trade publication, American Metal Market, quoted president and CEO Casey as saying that ‘it is much more difficult to manage the American worker.’

‘They’re less loyal to the company,’ the trade publication quoted Casey during a speech at the annual dinner of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Association of Women in the Metal Industries. ‘So you have to be able to deal with that compared to countries like Brazil, Japan and South Korea, for example. In those countries, it’s a lifelong commitment to a company.

‘The old model of fighting management is just diverting energy that should be directed at competing against your competition and competing with imports. A labor contract is not going to protect anything. When 40 percent of the industry went bankrupt, I think all but three of those 35 companies were union. The union has to determine what product they are going to bring to the table.’

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