Steel hopes to keep Byrd Amendment from dying – –

And of course, there are those who lived/live by the gravy train, who want to resuscitate the ruled-illegal-5-times Byrd Amendment …

The Steubenville Herald-Star

When the House of Representatives voted 217-215 Friday on a series of budget cuts, among the victims was the Byrd Amendment, enacted to help domestic industries found to have been harmed by unfair foreign competition.

Local steel leaders are holding onto hope for a better result for the bill in the Senate.

Of course, the nonsense starts to flow early on in the article …

“The only thing we have asked from the beginning was to be on a fair playing field, to have it leveled,” Ravasio said. “Foreign countries subsidize steel companies. They don’t have OSHA. They don’t have workers’ comp. They don’t have our level of benefits. We would rather their standards be raised than for our government to lower our standard of living.”

Canada is one of the countries injured by Byrd. We have OSHA. We have workers comp. The US doesn’t have our level of benefits … health care just to name one. We too would rather the US raise their standards than forcing us to lower ours …

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