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A fellow steel blogger maintains a web site of steel information here. It’s quite useful. Check it out. He calls it the most complete guide to hot and cold rolled steel strip on the internet . And it certainly seems quite complete. Lots of good articles on how it’s made, and so forth.

It is, however, somewhat Euro-centric. When you go looking for service centers, for example, you find lots in Europe, some in the United States, and none in Canada. But you probably know who your local service centers are. I find the European equivalent of SAE1050 (or whatever) is the most useful part.

Oh, and did I mention the price? It’s free!

2 thoughts on “Steel Information at a good price – Steel Strip Resources”

  1. Good point Michael about it being Eurocentric, which is of course where most of my knowlege lies. Since my webstats tell me that 70% of my visitors are from the USA, its an area I need to address.


  2. It’s not a slight. I know you’re from “over ‘ome”, so I wasn’t surprised that the service center knowledge was best in your geographic vicinity. For me in North America, the rest of it is still a fantastic resource. And I already know who my local service centers are 🙂

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