Steel official bids train to stop

Every day I have Yahoo send me all the news containing the words Steel or Copper or Aluminum.

Mostly this works well, but every once in a while it pulls up an article about another production of Steel Magnolias at some local theatre company, or how the skiing is at copper kettle … or this article, which made the front page (!) of the Calcutta Telegraph today.

The Telegraph – Calcutta : Frontpage

May 17: A top official of Durgapur Steel Plant was arrested at Howrah station this morning for stopping a train “without any valid reason by pulling the chain� so that he could board it.

DSP’s executive director, finance, Siddheswarnath Srivastava, and his son were booked by the Railway Protection Force when they stopped Poorva Express just as it was pulling away from the station.

They were later released after paying a fine.

According to the RPF, Srivastava was returning from a visit to Bhilai and wanted to take Poorva back to Durgapur without wasting time in Calcutta. His son was waiting at the station to receive him and put him on Poorva Express.

However, Mumbai Mail by which Srivastava was returning to Howrah was late and he reached the station just as Poorva was beginning to pull away at 9.10 am from platform number 9.

Desperate to take the train, he asked his son to rush and pull the emergency chain of Poorva so that he could board it.

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