Steel shipments may delay Ballard-Hudson Middle School opening

The tightening of steel inventories is effecting all sorts of people, not just metal stampers.
A delay in getting steel shipments may keep the new Ballard-Hudson Middle School in Macon from opening in August as planned.
‘I think we’ll all be disappointed,’ said school board Vice President Tom Hudson, who represents that area. ‘But there are things like steel and other supplies in construction that are out of our control.’
Contractors started building this past September, and they hoped to have the new school finished in 11 months. That’s ambitious for a project that would typically take about 18 months, said David Andrews, a school system construction coordinator who’s supervising the site.

“When you’re on a fast-paced project, anything that doesn’t happen the way you planned it throws a kink in the schedule,” Andrews said. “Steel has been the biggest culprit at this point and continues to be.”

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