Steel workers at risk for kidney stones

File this under health and safety risks of steel making …

Yahoo! News

Men who work in the steel industry and are exposed to high temperatures are prone to develop kidney or urinary stones, according to a report from researchers in Brazil.

Skipping down a bit …

The team found that low levels of citrate in urine occurred more often in men in the hot-area group than those in the room-temperature group (56 percent versus 28 percent). Men in the hot-area group were also twice as likely to have low urine volumes. Both these conditions are involved in stone formation.

To minimize the risk of kidney stones for people who work in a high-temperature environment, “it is important to encourage the workers to increase their ingestion of liquids during the period of heat exposure,” Andreoni’s team advises.

They also say that, to offset low citrate levels, “the use of diluted potassium citrate in the water the workers drink could be recommended; lemonade could represent another source of citrate.”

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