T.T.C. Introduces New "Fraud Proof" Tokens

You may remember that, earlier this year, police broke up a TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) token forging ring. See my articles at the time here and here.

Two years before, there was another ring broken up. See my postings at the time.

Today the TTC announced new, harder to forge tokens.

The new tokens, which will be dual-coloured to make them more difficult to reproduce, also have a special fraud-foiler inside them. But that’s all transit brass will reveal about the concealed crime stopper.
‘They have a milled edge and there is a secret device implanted in them that will give them away if someone tries to use one,’ admits T.T.C. Chair Howard Moscoe. He refuses to say what kind of technology is being employed but hopes it will last a while.
‘As careful as we are and as good as we are, you can never absolutely eliminate forgeries,’ he concedes.

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