The heat is on at W-P

The Steubenville Herald-Star: ”

Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corp.’s $114 million electric arc furnace under went its first operational heat Sunday, bringing the project in ahead of schedule.

The Consteel EAF is a state-of-the-art continuous steelmaking furnace. Its integration into Wheeling-Pitt’s traditional blast furnace hot end is unique in the United States. Among the EAF’s advanced features are: a continuous scrap feed conveyor; a preheating process that heats the scrap steel used to charge the furnace to 1,000 degrees; and the ability use either 100 percent scrap or a mix of scrap and liquid iron.

The company reported the electric arc furnace will produce steel that meets all Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel’s current requirements. The electric arc furnace at Wheeling-Pitt is unique in that it can utilize blast furnace iron mixed with scrap steel as well as utilizing only scrap steel as the raw material.

‘We had a controlled and successful startup that produced the furnace’s first heat,’ said Don Keaton, vice president of steel manufacturing and procurement. ‘Today’s milestone was the culmination of months of preparation and training by the steelmaking division, which is prepared to ramp up production in 2005 to world class levels.'”

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