Thieves steal metal from house of God – Yahoo! News

The high price of aluminum and copper has led to bizarre incidents like this. In another one, which I didn’t quote, a man was electrocuted trying to “liberate” downed hydro wires. But they were still live.

Yahoo! News
Thieves pried away sections of copper roofs, gutters and wiring from four Quebec City churches over several nights last week, the latest in a string of bizarre thefts across Canada linked to high metal prices, police told AFP.
The heists, described as the boldest so far, follow thefts of aluminum ladders and soccer goal posts in Vancouver, manhole covers in Montreal and trucks filled with scrap metal en route to foundries in Toronto, police said.
Emboldened thieves have stripped unfinished new homes of their copper piping, stolen park light fixtures, and even wires from hydro and cable companies.

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