Tough talks expected for new car


In a time of wrenching area job losses, the General Motors Corp. Lordstown Complex has been one of the few rocks on which the local economy rests.

That rock could start cracking if workers and company fail to reach a new labor agreement quickly, a labor official said Friday during an 2007 outlook interview with the complex’s top leadership.

‘‘It won’t be an easy year,’’ said Jim Graham, president of United Auto Workers Local 1112, which represents workers at the East assembly plant. ‘‘We have to get a new contract, and get it soon. Things are starting to snowball in Detroit. It’s critical to get it done.’’

This was a little unclear to me at first, but the article goes on to explain that a long-running car is due to end at that facility in 2009. Typically, car companies decide 2 years in advance which cars are going to be built at which facilities, making performance in 2007 crucial to the future after 2009.

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