Two crashes involving tractor trailers in Bullitt County Friday

After an article last week about coils of steel falling off a truck, here we have steel sheets falling off another truck, this time in Kansas. Twice in one day.

The Pioneer News
Two separate accidents occurred within two hours of each other on Bullitt County roads Friday afternoon in Hillview and Lebanon Junction, respectively.

The first took place just after 2 p.m. when two people were injured in an accident after crashing into a pile of steel sheets blocking John Harper Highway.

A tractor trailer carrying 24 steel sheets weighing a total of 29,000 pounds lost its load in front of the Pilot Truck Stop on John Harper, said Zoneton Fire Chief Rob Orkies.

A silver Chrysler minivan owned by Valley Medical Transport hit the steel before law enforcement officials could reach the scene and divert traffic. Both the driver and the passenger had minor injuries and were transported to Jewish Hospital Medical Center South. Names of the victims were not yet released.

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