U.S. signals trade row with China

United Press International
The United States signaled its intent to seek ‘trade measures’ against China if Beijing does not take steps to adequately open its market to U.S. companies.
Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Karan Bhatia told the BBC’s The World This Weekend the United States was ‘perfectly prepared’ to use trade sanctions and retaliatory force to coerce Beijing into granting U.S. companies more access to China’s domestic market.
While China has vigorously warned that trade sanctions by the United States would cause damage to both countries, the United States has contended that Beijing has ‘benefited enormously’ from gaining access to U.S. markets and should be held accountable to its World Trade Organization obligations.
While Bhatia said the United States would work to ensure that Beijing treated U.S. companies fairly by offering a level playing field, he added that Washington would not directly restrict Chinese companies from accessing the U.S. market.
‘We are not going to resort to protectionism. The answer is not going to be to shut down U.S. markets or to build up walls around our border,’ said Bhatia.
The United States indicated last week that it would be revising its strategy with China after the release of its ‘top-to-bottom’ review of U.S. trade policies with Beijing.
‘As a mature trading partner, China should be held accountable for its actions and required to live up to its responsibilities, including enforcing intellectual property rights, allowing market forces to drive economic development and opening its markets,’ said Rob Portman, U.S. Trade Representative at a news conference last week. ‘We will use all options available to meet this challenge.’

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