Union president: Mood at AK Steel plant in Zanesville grim


Dave Moore, president of the UAW Local 4104, said the employees are ‘very scared.'”

Alan McCoy, company spokesperson and vice president of government and public relations of the company, said Friday the plant will “idle its rolling mill starting June 26.”

The mill, which processes stainless products for the automotive industry, will be shut down for an indefinite period of time, according to McCoy.

McCoy would not commit to how many employees would be affected or how long the rolling mill would be shut down. However, he did say the layoffs are a result of the weakness in the automotive industry.

Condensing the rest of the article, this plant can only do one grade of steel, and other plants in Coshocton are more flexible and can do more grades of steel, so when things are slow, they’ll reduce work in the less flexible plant.

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