US unhappy over new Japanese trade punishment

I don’t think I’d be a very good diplomat. How can they say these things with a straight face?

Yahoo! News
The United States expressed concern at the prospect of renewed Japanese trade sanctions over a US anti-dumping law that was repealed last year.
Japan’s government has decided to extend for another year anti-dumping tariffs on 15 American products in retaliation against the so-called Byrd Amendment, Japanese news agencies reported.
‘We’re disappointed that Japan will continue to retaliate against the (amendment),’ said Stephen Norton, a spokesman for US Trade Representative Susan Schwab.
‘The United States has taken all necessary steps to comply with the WTO (World Trade Organisation) rulings in that dispute and further retaliation serves no purpose other than to prolong the dispute,’ he said.

All necessary steps? It was repealed, but in fact, it didn’t end. The repealing takes effect in 2 years. Did they really think this would fool anyone?

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